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Golf Clinic

The clinics we have developed are aimed at all standards of golfers from anywhere in the world. Although in a group every client is assessed on his or her own unique game, everyone can work within the contents of the Clinic at their own pace. The language of effective golf improvement is the same worldwide because it is mainly visual.

Having completed a clinic with us you will have enough solid technique and understanding to allow you to compete and feel confident about all areas of the game including Rules and Etiquette. This will allow you to become self-assured regarding playing the game or passing your Exam.

Established Players
Improved scoring is the biggest guarantee we can give anybody who already is established at a certain level. Quickly identifying the general areas of the game needed to improve your scores is imperative and whether that be technique or the often ignored mental side of the game, that is what we deal with. Remember, that 80% of Golf is played within 100 yards of the flag.

Working with our Pro’s for a weekend or week is a unique opportunity to develop your golf game in all areas of: Full Swing, Putting, Pitching, Mind and Game management. The teaching runs each morning, then, in the afternoon you will get the change to put your new found skills into practice on the Courses.

Our programs run in Portugal, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.