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Golf fundamentals

There are only six things that really can fall under the heading golf swing fundamentals. These six things are items that all golfers both pro and beginner need to know and follow like a religion.

Golf Swing Fundamental one: The grip

The first step doesn’t have anything directly to do with the golf swing. The grip is all to do with how you hold that club in your hands, and there’s three grips to choose from. The single overlap grip is where the pinky on your right hand (if you’re a right hander) overlaps onto you index finger of your left hand.

Then there is the old standard interlock grip which is very similar to the overlap described above but the pinky instead interlocks with the index finger rather then resting on it.

The baseball grip: Pretty self-explanatory you hold the club like you would a baseball bat except you are swinging at a smaller ball and on a different angle. All ten fingers will be touching the grip

The baseball grip, which most understand is just gripping the club as you would a baseball bat. The difference is you’re swinging at a different angle, and at a lot smaller ball. Every finger on both hand will be touching the grip in this configuration.

Any one of these three grips will work well for you, you should try all three and select the one that is most comfortable for you. Practice using that grip, and try to stick with it unless it proves to become uncomfortable, changing your grip all the time can cause difficulty trying to become consistent at other golf swing fundamentals.

Swing Fundamental two: Posture

All this is is how you set the ball up in relation to your body. The flex in your knees, the width of your legs apart, and the straightening of your back and bending from the hips. All this combined with the angle you maintain through the entire swing. These are all golf swing fundamentals.

You should attempt to keep your stance width to a shoulder width apart, knees should be slightly bent to allow some range of motion but used more like shock absorbers. Keep your back straight and at an approximate 80 degree angle. Bend your body at the hips, and maintain the back straight. The angle of the back should stay the same through the swing. If you change the angle then everything else around it must change.

The body movement that occurs from your head right through to your toes.

Hands and Arms
A big part of golf swing fundamentals is the coordination between your hand arm relationship.

Picking out a Target
Not all beginner golfers know this but it is important to the golf swing. Picking a target where you want the ball to go. For example if your aiming for the middle of the fairway then make sure that your body is facing that direction when you’ve completed your swing.

Of course there is also a mental part of selecting your target. If you’re concentrating on not hitting a water hazard or out of bounds area then you can likely guess where your ball is going to end u 90% of the time. Either OB or in that water hazard. Focus beyond hazards, and trouble in your shot.

Of course last but not least in golf swing fundamentals is your mental attitude towards the game and each shot. Probably the better part of 90% of success or failure in a shot comes from your own mind. You need to practice these swing fundamentals so they all become second nature and you don’t need to continually think about them causing anxiety over each shot.