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Golf in Portugal

Welcome to our section about wonderful Portugal and what you can expect from trip both golf wise and culturally.

You have chosen for Portugal, a good choice, mainly because of the many hours of sunshine a year, welcoming people, delicious wines and of course a very wide range of golf courses.

Now you can see that the country has more to offer than just the Algarve, which many of you know sounds. The country consists of a number golf region that we have named below.

Choose from our wide range of attractive golf fairways

All our arrangements, 8 days / 7 nights, are based on a rental car, accommodation and a minimum of 4 x 18-hole greens. Of course you may wish to adjust the arrangement, do not to your liking our engagement.

It is difficult for all of us to make progress arrangements or accommodations to you to show, but if you have a preference, not a problem, we can deliver it to you.

As you may already be able to read the package without flight Building, the reason is the large range of flight and a variable pricing. We inform, advise and wish to buy your desired flight